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About us

About the project Bezporadce

Portal Bezporadce offers the following services in financing of your housing:

Online mortgage solutions

using unique
information system.

Professional service

by experienced mortgage
specialists from the whole Czech Republic.

Partnership programme

using which you save a great deal
on other services.

Our goal

The Czech financial market is overwhelmed with many intermediaries, financial advisers and various mortgage websites. But to find a single good portal, a unified system, or a proven company, it takes a lot of time and effort. And in such specific area as mortgage lending is, there is no doubt this to be true. Most of us deal with a mortgage once or twice in a lifetime, and therefore have a legitimate respect for the entire process, which includes often lenghtly search for offers and bank terms. This is even more difficult due today's hurried and busy lifestyles, when people simply do not have enough time to read and study all the details as they would like.

That's why we are here!

We are here to offer you qualified mortgage specialists, a clear and simple information system where you will always have everything you need at hand and help you save your money and time on your journey to secure your new home.

The project Bezporadce brings together top independent mortgage specialists across the Czech Republic (who are not part of large financial-consulting networks) and allow you to arrange your mortgage, to some extent online, as the only portal on the Czech market.

Feel free to find out about the quality of our services too!

Who we are?

Get to know us a little bit better:

Pavel Čech

Pavel is the founder of Bezporadce, and he has been literally living for this project since its foundation in 2013. Pavel puts the greatest emphasis on the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of the services provided. This is the reason why only qualified and experienced mortgage specialists, selected according to strict criteria work for us.

Zdeněk Schneider

Zdeněk has put together our great team of Bezporadce and is in charge of our marketing activities so that we are visible to all people that can benefit from our service and so that they can learn about us. Zdeněk likes projects that help improve people's financial literacy and serve good purpose just like our donation calculator.

Jan Říha

Honza takes care of everything to do with graphics. The light feel and clarity of the entire portal is his great job done. As he comments on the Bezporadce project, "I consider the consistency and clarity of financial services an absolute must and would like to simplify the navigation through the financial world for you as much as I can. You can look forward to many other improvements that we are preparing.“

Petr Velička

Petr brings to the project great experience from his other successful online and other projects and ensures maximum user comfort for you on our portal and generally. Petr perceives the project Bezporadce as unique, especially from the point of view of it's potential of providing online services efficiently.


Marvin is our chat robot (ChatBot) to help you with your mortgage. Marvin will do for you a non-binding calculation, advise on what to look out for and explain the basic mortgage terms and abbreviations. Marvin is our new member, but he keeps learning new things every day :).

Corporate social responsibility

We work together with Divoka husa foundation

We contribute to Divoka husa foundation from every completed contract with our client.

Divoka husa foundation doubles the amount of money raised from beneficial events and supports non profit organisations in the health, social and humanitarian field. Patron of the foundation is director, screenwriter and actor Ondřej Kepka.

Donation Calculator

The Donor Calculator is our complementary tool that we have created for you to think about the meaning and importance of regular contributions to non-profit organizations. The calculator itself arose from the question:

„How much should we contribute each month regarding our standard of living?“

Someone can afford to give more, another less. However, the total amount of the contribution is not the most important, and the calculator should be only a guide how much you could contribute to nonprofit organizations.

We launched the donation calculator on December 1, 2015 in cooperation with the portal Daruj správně (Donate Correctly).

Let´s calculate your contribution!

Let´s try our Donation Calculator

If you like the idea of Donor Calculator, you can also place it for free on your website. Just generate a simple code here here.

We work together with banks

  • Reiffeisenbank
  • UniCredit Bank
  • Česká spořitelna
  • Hypoteční banka
  • mBank
  • Komerční banka
  • Oberbank
  • GE Money
  • ČSOB

Our partners

  • Free for you

    We buy and supply energy directly to you, we bill your supply points and much more.

  • Bytecheck

    You will save 10 % on property check. Do not pay for new property until you know its condition.

  • nextrealityexclusive

    We recommend real estate agent Ing. Petr Koukal from Next Reality Exclusive and his above-standard approach to each client.

  • AK Vavřík

    Use promotional legal services from Lawyer Vavřík.

  • Hezkey

    Top home designers for design or reconstruction of your interier. Enjoy interier set up.

  • Říha Interier

    Get 10 % discount to furnish your home from Říha Interier.

  • Ideální nájemce

    We change renting your flat in a carefree and guaranteed income for you.

  • Cashback world

    Shop in the Cashback World, shop and benefit from Cashback and Shopping Points with every purchase.

Let’s make together something good for the others

From every agreement concluded we donate a specified amount of the financial assistance to the
Nadace Divoke husy (Wild Geese Foundation).

  • 2021Equipment and material for sheltered workshops, Sdružení TULIPAN, z.s.
  • 2020Purchase of medical supplies, Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou, z.s.
  • 2019The Good Shepherd Hospice Advent Beneficial Concer, TŘI, o.p.s.
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